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House Mouse (Mus domesticus)

Mouse infestation London Hertfordshire


Originated in Central Asia and reportedly found in this country as early as the 9th Century. As agricultural practices improved man’s harvests, the need for greater storage facilities were created thus providing more food and nesting sites for mice.


Mice will eat almost anything they find in a house and will drink water if available but can survive on food with a moisture content of 15%. Mice are omnivorous and feed from a number of different points.

Where will you find them?

In a house you will find them everywhere under units, behind fridges, behind bath panels, under stair cupboards and boiler and airing cupboards to name just a few places

How do we control mice?

Our technician will initially talk through the problems you are experiencing and explain what our treatment entails. He will then carry out a thorough inspection of your premises prior to any treatment and assess the level and extent of the infestation. Once this has been established he will then be able to carry out treatment to the appropriate areas. All our treatments are completely safe for children and animals and baits are placed in plastic tamper resistant bait boxes where necessary. Once our treatment is complete we will detail our work in an inspection report and leave this with you, our technician will then arrange a convenient time to carry out a follow up visit.

Follow up visits

We need to carry out to two follow up visits. The usual follow-up time after the initial baiting programme has been established is 7-10 days.

The first follow up visit will let us know how bad the infestation was and where you have had evidence of mice. The technician will re-bait as necessary and arrange the second follow up visit with you. The second follow up visit will normally show that the premises are clear and our technician will give you advice on preventing mice in the future.