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A record breaker

May 29, 2015

A new Guinness World Record has been set by Gao Bingguo a Chinese bee keeper who covered himself with almost 1.1 million bees. In order to attract the bees Gao attached dozens of queen bees to his body which attracted even more bees whilst other beekeepers helped by covering him with bees from hundreds of other hives. At one point these bees weighed approximately 17 stone. Whilst performing the record breaking feat Gao even managed to smoke a cigarette! Gao received more than 2,000 stings in the process but he still carried on, his body temperature rose to over 60 degrees celsius. Once he completed the stunt he got into a bath of warm water to calm the pain from the stings although he has developed some immunity towards bee stings as he has been stung so many times. An amazing record breaker!
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